Doesn’t the minimum wage already increase every year? Why do we need a law?


There is no legal requirement for the minimum wage to increase every year. The new ordinance would change that so it rises with inflation and the cost of living.

Isn’t it a bad time to raise the minimum wage?

No. It's never a bad time to raise the minimum wage.

Study after study after study has shown that minimum wage increases have not led to job loss, even during the latest recession (Source: Journal of Industrial Relations, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, and many more)

How does raising the minimum wage raise consumer spending?

Every $1.00 in hourly wage increase for a minimum wage worker results in $2,800 in new consumer spending by his or her household over the following year (Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago).

What is the current minimum wage in California?

The minimum wage in California is $8.00/hr. Over a year, a person working 40 hours per week, every week of the year, earns $16,640.

What is the current federal minimum wage?

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, which translates to $15,080 for a full-time, year round worker who is working 40 hours per week, every week of the year. The federal minimum wage would be approximately $10.40 per hour if it had kept pace with the rising cost of living since 1968 (Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

How much is the average rent in San Jose?

San Jose is in the Top 10 US Cities where rents are spiking, according to columnist Rick Newman of US News. Rents – currently averaging $1800 – are increasing 6.8% per year, while the official unemployment rate stands at 10.6%.

Who’s against the Minimum Wage?

The San Jose/Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat the measure that would boost the income of tens of thousands of people currently living well below the poverty level. The Chamber has been distributing misinformation on the effects of a wage increase on businesses, in an attempt to turn businesses against the measure as well.